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Thursday, October 24, 2019

What came first, Driver or Experience?

Since March we have been bringing newly qualified HGV drivers to the market and right now, we have almost 300 qualified drivers who are looking for permanent work plus 4000 in the pipeline for next year. With reports saying that the shortage is now 85,000 in the UK you would think that finding jobs for 300 candidates would be easy right?

Bearing in mind that our candidates have paid thousands of pounds of their own money to join the industry proving they have the desirable skills like, commitment, ambition to succeed, willingness to learn/improve and importantly the guts to go for something big. It's still hard to believe that these candidates haven't found permanent work.

Some forward-thinking clients of ours are employing these drivers and by giving them the 'olive branch' into their first job in return they get loyalty, passion and an incentive to do well. The feedback we get is second to none, the drivers have zero bad habits, the drivers are more fuel efficient, the drivers have a positive can-do attitude. 

Right now, I am working with clients to improve their current recruitment process sharing ideas that's in line with the latest market trends and ensuring that the candidates are their employee for the long run. As a specialist in the Driving and Logistics sector I understand the issues with the market; high wages for temp staff, ageing workforce and the certain uncertainty of Brexit.

My goal for this article is to speak to like minded Transport Managers/Operations Managers or anyone who is forward thinking enough about tackling the driver shortage head on. To get in contact with me please email john.maclean@manpower.co.uk to arrange a meeting. 

Article by John Maclean
Driving Academy Consultant 
Connect with John https://www.linkedin.com/in/john-maclean-29102741/ 

The Driver Academy is a division of Manpower, a global recruitment provider and is dedicated to addressing the skills shortage within the HGV recruitment market by introducing newly qualified HGV drivers for permanent assignment.

This offering is unique to Manpower, enabling our clients to recruit new talent which is not available elsewhere and is outside of the current HGV recruitment market.

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