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Sunday, November 22, 2020

Herrmann´s tailormade G 500 – tractor and truck in one

With its versatile use as both a tractor and truck, here are almost no assignment that Swiss haulier Herrmann Transporte cannot carry out with the new Scania G 500 4x4.

When the haulier presented its latest wish list to Scania, the desired specification was undoubtedly demanding. Herrmann Transporte wanted a short all-wheel drive vehicle with the lowest possible chassis height and an extremely agile performance. In addition, the vehicle would be used as a tractor unit or with a body as a truck.

A Scania G 500 A 4x4 HA semi-trailer truck chassis was selected as the basis for the new all-round vehicle. Thanks to the interchangeable tractor/tipper body system, the new truck can be converted from a semi-trailer to a tipper or a towing vehicle for draft trailers in a very short time. With its total gross train weight of 70 tonnes and front and rear tow couplings including all air and electrical connections, special transports with a wide variety of trailers are possible.

A transport company in the third generation

Herrmann Transporte is operated in the third generation by Rolf Herrmann with his brother Philip. Its fleet of 20 vehicles includes tippers, crane trucks, waste disposal trucks and construction trucks. Headquartered in the Swiss village of Unterwasser, a popular ski resort at an altitude of 910 metres, the trucks are put to work throughout Switzerland


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